Aims and Objectives


BAME Labour Aims and Objectives


Ensuring that that BAME Labour aims and objectives are achievable. By working collectively to:

  • Increase BAME membership to the Labour Party and work to achieve support for Labour’s principles and policies amongst BAME communities.


  • Increase BAME representation in the UK’s Westminster Parliaments and the devolved governments in the United Kingdom.


  • Increase BAME representation in public life and public institutions.

  • Influence and participate in the policy-making process at all levels of the Labour Party and ensure that issues and concerns of BAME Labour members are raised at the highest levels of the Party.

  • Advocate and campaign on issues concerning BAME Labour members at all levels.


  • Challenge Institutional and Structural Racism that keeps BAME Communities excluded from participation in all institutions and sections of British Life.

  • Ensure that Black, Asian, and Ethnic minority members are represented throughout Party bodies and are selected for the Welsh Assembly, Scottish, Westminster Parliaments and for all public office in local and central government.

  • Eliminate racism and concerns about the 'hierarchy of racism' within the Party findings from the Forde Report and all forms of discrimination. Support members in their struggle against racism in the United Kingdom and internationally. Develop links with other similar organisations to achieve this end, challenge racism and the rise of the far right.


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