BAME Labour Functions

BAME Labour seeks to empower ethnic minority members within the Labour Party and campaigns for greater representation of ethnic minority communities in public life. Through encouraging increased participation in the political process, BAME Labour empowers its members to campaign for a fairer, more equal, and democratic society.

We are a democratically constituted membership organisation. It is affiliated with the Labour Party but is politically and organisationally independent. BAME Labour works closely with the Labour Party because of our shared values of equality, tolerance, and opportunity for all.

BAME Labour campaigns for Labour in Government; works tirelessly to win support for Labour and to improve the quality of life for Britain’s ethnic minority communities. BAME Labour continues to campaign for further equality, both within the Labour Party, in society and across the world.

BAME Labour is an accountable, inclusive organisation that provides a bridge to the Labour Party in ways that ensure that the voices of BAME members and communities matter – and are heard.


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